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The story so far...
Empowering traveling, remote, and telecommuting workers to stay productive is a key goal of enterprise organizations. Traditionally, companies must provide employees with a Help Desk or other costly technical support services to keep productivity high.

B2E Solutions provides an innovative solution that proactively prevents and helps fix problems. This allows employees find their own answers to PC problems and helps maximize productivity, eliminate downtime, and reduce support costs.

My first task was to help produce a website that explains this new way for businesses to provide better tech support and lower cost.

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In 2002, this campaign won the HAF Silver ADDY in Disk-Based Sales Package and Silver ADDY in Video/Film/Internet Animation.

Next, I was brought in to help craft an interactive demo that illustrates how B2E's Support Center product works. To help the audience understand how Support Center makes tech support easier, I picked five user scenarios that show a cross-section of problems for both desktop and mobile users. The tone is light and friendly, easily conveying very technical information to an unfamiliar audience.

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