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iPAQ Pocket PC brochure
As creative director and copywriter, I created a series of tradeshow animations as part of a comprehensive rebranding effort by iland to better communicate the IT company’s focus on “cloud computing.”

Each of the movies extends the newly created brand identity while communicating both high level messaging and product-specific benefits. Click on the images to view each movie:

Welcome to the iland Cloud Factory

iland cloud factory
What is cloud infrastructure? It's not just vapor, or buzz, or hype. It's a tangible way to meet IT demands in a world of shrinking budgets. Watch this introduction to learn the primary benefits of iland cloud infrastructure for your enterprise. Watch the video >>
Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC
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iland Continuity Cloud

iland continuity cloud
From unplanned downtime to catastrophic disasters, IT failures cost you more than money—they can cost you customers. So say hello to the iland Continuity Cloud, offering your business lower costs,reduced risk, and increased revenue. View it now >>

iland Workforce Cloud

iland workforce cloud
Empower your people to work from wherever—and securely connect like they're down the hall. The iland Workforce Cloud brings security, mobility, and simplified management to desktop PCs, laptops, netbooks, and mobile devices. Take a look >>

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