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Standard Renewable Energy (SRE) provides green energy solutions for homeowners, businesses, and government organizations that help to lower utility bills and reduce carbon footprints.

Creating campaign messaging
I was asked to create a new campaign concept for their website redesign. After discussions with the client and researching past marketing material, I found an an existing idea from SRE that could be repurposed to creatively convey the benefits of their company and services.

SRE had used 'RE3' as a title for a package of comprehensive energy consulting and product solutions. The name came from the process of "Review, Reduce, Renew" which explains the steps of reviewing energy consumption, reducing usage, and then adding renewable energy sources like solar panels or wind turbines.

messaging and campaign ideas for SRE
campaign brand messaging concepts
Supporting creative and business objectives
The creative treatment involves using the "RE3" as a prefix to key action words like imagine, envision, or invest to make headlines that read Re-imagine Green, Re-envision efficiency, and Re-invest in America.

This concept ties the creative to a SRE trademarked idea that can't be lifted by competitors. It also builds a solution name into creative treatments that convey the high-level benefits of the company and its solutions.

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